Links to Inventor Resources

A series of links for inventors to find useful resources. Please let me know if you find any links which you think should be added to help inventors develop their inventions

Forms and Documents

Non Disclosure agreements
Inventor Roger Brown has several sample non disclosure agreements on his website

Inventing Blogs

General Inventing Blogs

  • Inventor Notes
    A blog by Inventor Stephen Key and business partner Andrew Krauss
  • Inventor Spot
    Interesting articles on inventing and invention
  • Invention Addict
    A blog written by inventor/engineer Stephen Bozzone
  • Inventors Daily
  • A blog written by inventor/mechanical engineer Curtis Florence
  • Inventors Digest
    There are articles on this site plus Inventors Digest is available on subscription as a printed magazine
  • Jim DeBetta Blog
    A blog about invention written by retail expert Jim DeBetta
  • She’s Ingenius
    A site with articles and events targeted at women inventors created by Cally Robson, free inventor info plus additional information and advice on a small fee membership basis

Toy and Game Inventing Blogs

  • Toy Dreamers Blog
    a blog written by Ron Weingartner a toy inventor and co writer of  The Toy and Game Inventor’s Handbook
  • The Game Aisle
    A mix of posts about both games themselves and also about game invention, written by Kim Vandenbroucke, a game inventor herself
  • Global Toy News
    Not strictly about invention (though there are articles from time time) but this blog will help keep you up to date with the Toy Industry
  • Discover Games
    Some good articles on game invention and inventor stories

Patent and Intellectual Property Blogs

  • Patent Factory Blog
    Good information about patent searches and intellectual property written by Charlie Ashworth a patent search expert with impressive resume
  • Patent Search Blog
    A blog written by Steve van Dulken from the British Library
  • IPKat
    This blog covers copyright, patent, trade mark, information technology and privacy/confidentiality issues from a mainly UK and European perspective

Inventor Forums

Listed below are several inventor forums, also see my posts Connecting with Likeminded People Part 1 and Part 2

Inventor Podcasts

  • The Ideas Uploaded Podcast
    In this podcast I talk both to both successful inventors and people who I feel will be of interest to inventors. You can now also also subscribe to on Itunes
  • The InventRight Podcast
    The podcast is by Stephen Key (successful inventor) and Andrew Krauss who offer their tips on how to license your ideas.
  • Got Invention Radio
    Another invention podcast presented by Inventors Digest which includes interviews with people such as product designers, inventors, patent attorneys etc.
  • The Launch Hour
    I have literally just found these podcast, which consist of interviews with both inventors and entrepreneurs.

For more great business podcast check out this post

Invention Competitions and Crowdsourced Inventing Sites

    Quirky allows anyone to submit an idea and then the community make improvements, each week a winner is chosen to be developed
  • Genius Crowds
    Genius Crowds allows anyone to submit an idea and the community to comment. Winners are chosen by the Genius crowds team and are potentially made into future products with royalties shared with the ideas originator. To find out more listen to my podcast with CJ Kettler the founder of Genius Crowds
  • Edison Nation
    Edison Nation holds regular online searches for product inventions and ideas. Ideas are evaluated and the best chosen to develop by the Edison Nation team
  • Other Invention Competitions
    In the invention category on this blog will be the latest competitions as I find them

Inventing and Licensing Courses and Mentorship and Advice

Raising Money for your Invention

Please ensure you read all terms and conditions of the sites before using them


Crowdfunding is basically when you pitch your idea online and then members of the public contribute to your invention from amounts such as $20 each. Usually the inventor will offer incentives such as one of their finished invention products when they are manufactured.

Business Angels

Angels Den
A website which brings together investors and entrepreneurs looking for investment

Companies Looking for Invention Ideas

A link to the inventornotes list of companies looking for invention ideas

Prototyping your Invention

Read my post on prototyping an invention yourself cheaply