Tara pictureThis blog will contain resources for wannabe inventors, ideas people, artists and designers wanting to license their work or get it to market place. The information will be what I find on my journey to try and get some of my ideas “out there” in the market place whether it be my character designs or some of my invention ideas.

I have been ideas keeping in sketchbooks and on computer back-up CDs for several years as well as anything new that pops in my head that I want to share. The ideas I have come in many forms, some are just a brief idea I have not explored (perhaps they have even been done already), others may be slightly more developed.

Last year I signed a license agreement for one of my candy/sweet ideas, although it has not yet made it to the market place as development work is being done on it (I still have my fingers crossed on that). I don’t think I would have pursued it so much if it wasn’t for this blog, what I have learned through interviewing inventors (now over 50 interviews on this blog) and the knowledge I gained through taking the Invent Right Course.

I currently have a licensing agent representing some of my kids character designs and these might (all fingers and toes crossed) be made into animations next year, and I am also working on some new character ideas. Finding a licensing agent was not an easy thing and it only happened after I took a small stand at the Brand Licensing Show at Olympia. Although my licensing agent tells me that this is not a good way to get your designs out there, I wouldn’t now have him trying to market my work if I hadn’t. A licensing agent can open doors to contacts which you would never have met without them but I will talk about this later in a post. I hope that one day in the not to distant future my character designs might be on TV or published in books.

I hope if you come across this blog and are new to inventing some of the inventing information I have found will help you too.

More on my attempt to license an idea

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Who am I?

My name is Tara Roskell and have been a graphic designer for about 20 years, freelance for the last seven. I live in the UK in a village in Northamptonshire with my boyfriend (who I drive a bit potty with my ideas) and black labrador (who is happy to listen to any idea I have). In my spare time for many years have kept idea books. Some of the ideas I have shown to the odd person in their respective industry, but even though I have had interest, they have yet to be taken up. So I have decided to dig through my old sketchbooks and ideas and share some with the world (well maybe that’s an overstatement, but you know what I mean) – for better or worse before they gather any more dust on my book shelf.

I think my daft ideas started before I was 10 when I could often be found creating things in the garage with my Dad’s oddments of wood and his tools. I remember in particular making a set of table tennis bats with some thin wood and using some foamy packaging material (from some parcel or other we had had) for the cushiony bits. The net post was made of wood and the net out of an old onion bag and somehow I managed to get the net to fix on to an old camping table. Another garage project involved making a pair of skis from some old planks of wood, the top feet holding bits from some old fashioned roller skates (not the new boot ones) and some broom handles for ski sticks. I somehow managed to rope the nextdoor neighbour into bending the shaped planks of wood I had cut, by using the heat from an iron, so they would curve at the end. I think I only tried them once, it wasn’t very hilly where we lived, and in any case I would have probably broken my legs as there was no way for them to come off your feet without unbuckling them.

I have always loved drawing from the age of about 5, when I used to say I wanted to be a famous artist. I didn’t quite get it right 🙂 (I am not an artist or famous) but did use my art to become a graphic designer, which I have been doing for the last 20 years. I have been freelancing for the last 7 years.

If you are an ideas or creative person like me or if you are interested in collaborating I would be happy to hear from you.

I also blog at www.tararoskell.com