If you are an entrepreneur or like me a wantrapreneur living anywhere near Leicester in the UK you might want to check out a Startup Weekend event that is taking place very soon.

The main point of the weekend is to learn to validate a business idea, turn it into a business model and begin customer development.

From the Startdom Website

“The event will start with an introductory evening meeting on Friday  4th April 2014 at Exchange Bar, 50 Rutland St, Leicester LE1 1RD. UPDATE: Friday will now be at at 18:00 in the Incubator at Incubate Leicester, 117 Granby Street, Leicester LE1 6FD. In this meeting you will be able to form teams and vote for the most profitable ideas. The atmosphere will be informal, friendly and full of excitement.

The next two days (Saturday and Sunday) will be dedicated to business building with the help of business advisors, MENTORS and entrepreneurs. The teaching will be intense and the learning will be fast paced. The aim will be to have an initial product and maybe also a customer by the end of the weekend.”

The three-day event will cost only 45 pounds.

To find out more check out the website http://ekonomiaconsultants.com/startdom-weekends/