learning swap mentorship

It’s always difficult to learn something new, but wouldn’t it be cool if you had someone who could help you one-to-one?

And what if it was totally free

Let’s face it one-to-one tuition and mentorship is USUALLY pretty expensive, but what if we all helped each other by swapping our skills?


For Example – I am learning to program Ruby on Rails and would love to have a Mentor I could go to when I am really stuck. Well, I would be happy to help them learn design or even do some design work in return.

You could swap

  • Business start up help for Photoshop work
  • Help with drawings of your invention for Marketing Help
  • Spanish conversation practice for Maths help
  • Design Mentoring for Guitar Mentoring

You get the gist – you swap some of your time/expertise for the other persons.


FILL IN THE LEARNING SWAP/ FIND A MENTOR FORM HERE and if there are enough people interested I will put together a mailing list with what everyone is looking for. and see how we can help each other.

PS. Please share the link with your friends, the more people interested the more chance of getting a good match.