I love anything that helps you be more creative and so I though I would share with you a great little tool to help get creative ideas . It’s called the Creative Whack Pack by Roger von Oech, which for some reason to me always sounds a little rude (just me then?). It’s an App (also available as a physical pack of creative cards) that can help you break out of your normal everyday thinking.

Imagine you are coming up with new ideas for your invention or how to market it. You probably start with a bit of brainstorming but chances are many of the ideas are the old tried and tested methods, the predictable answers. This is where the Creative Whack Pack may be able to help.

creative ideas

You can choose to randomly pick a card or do a Workshop. The Workshop option gives you a list of suggested problems to solve or you can add your own. then you choose which type of card you want. Each card has an image on the front and then a paragraph of two of how different people have come up with ideas using a sim at technique and then prompts you with a series of bullet points on what you can do to generate new ideas. I always draw on creative tools like this when I have exhausted my current line of thinking.

What do you think, what techniques do you use to generate new ideas?


Creative Whack Pack