video cameraI have heard from several sources while writing this blog that creating videos is a great way to show off your invention ideas to potential licensees. In several of his webinars, inventor Stephen Key has spoken of how video can be used instead of (or as well as) a sell sheet as a useful way to show off your idea to it’s full potential. Mary Ellroy, a toy inventor and agent has also told me that toy companies often like to see ideas presented in this way too. Of course if you already have manufactured your invention then video is also a great way to promote it to your potential customers.

So now you are probably expecting me to say I am a video producer extraordinaire, well unfortunately not 🙁 . I have made a couple of screencast videos for my graphic design blog, talking through my design process, plus a few home videos of the dog, 🙂 but I have yet to use it to present an invention idea. Well ok, don’t tell anyone, but I did try to make one video to show off a golf gadget. I created a prototype and enlisted my boyfriend, the golfer, to be the demonstrator, but stupidly picked the windiest day of the year and the prototype kept blowing away, so I reverted back to a humble sell sheet. I do however think video is going to be the future way to present ideas and plan to try again soon.

Youtube lets you set your videos so that only people with a link can see them

YouTube now has a great feature which allows you to make your videos private, so only someone you send a link to can see it, you can read more about it here or check out the video below. This enables you to send a video link to a potential licensee after you have your signed NDA or provisional patent application in place.


Free Video Tutorials

I have done a fair bit of research on video creation and so would like to share with you a great resource which gives excellent tips on creating online videos. The video expert’s name is Gideon Shalwick and I have been following him for a while now. Gideon runs paid video courses but also gives away a lot of great free tutorials. I would highly recommend signing up for his free Rapid Video Blogging ebook and free mini courses (I am NOT using affiliate links here). Read the free book and watch Gideon’s great video tips for making videos with simple equipment. Once you are on Gideon’s mailing list he will send you further video tips and of course promote his video course. If like me, you can’t afford a course (though I am sure it’s good) at the moment just stick your fingers in your ears and continue with the free stuff. Another good book on video making for web is Get Seen by Steve Garfield

Different Ways of Creating Video

Using Skype with Call Recorder

It’s amazing the number of different ways you can create video nowadays, I use a little piece of software called Call Recorder (use Pamela on PC) to record my audio Inventor Podcast on Skype, but if you want you can also record video with it too. This could perhaps be used to interview people who have bought your invention product so they can give out testimonials.


There are free online screencasting sites and free downloadable screen casting software which allow you to record your computer screen. You could use these to talk through a presentation or you can use the more industry standard paid software such as Camtasia or Screenflow

Record direct from your webcam

Youtube will allow you to create videos direct from your webcam.

Video slideshows

You can also create video from a series of photos using a service like Animoto.


3D animation

Of course if you are a 3d whizz or know someone that is you could also make a 3d rendered animation of your invention. There are plenty of free and low cost 3D software options available too.

It’s about time I had another go at video, maybe a screen cast, it’s better for the camera shy like myself. Have you tried making videos of your inventions, how did you do it?