I heard about a new creative technique called free writing when I first heard Mark Levy, author of Accidental Genius talking about it in a podcast. I am always fascinated to learn new techniques for creative brainstorming and generating fresh ideas so I bought the book, and read it while on holiday a couple of months ago. I am only finally writing about it as I have just tried out the technique.

What is Free Writing?

Free writing is an interesting idea generating technique involving writing about a specific subject which you want to brainstorm. The real key to it is that you don’t allow yourself time to sensor yourself.

How can inventors and creatives use Free Writing

Accidental genius Free WritingLet’s say for example you were looking to come up with ideas for a new dog toy, you would set your self a time limit or in my case I just decided to fill up two sides of my note pad.

You start to write…I am thinking of a new dog toy, dogs like to play with squeaky toys…. and so on. At some point or other you will get stuck, but you still have to carry on writing even if you just write “I am bit stuck now I am not sure what to write.” The theory is that by doing this we write whatever comes into our head rather than thinking “that’s rubbish” and thus it up a new stream of ideas that otherwise you might have stopped before they had chance to get out.

Does Free Writing work?

In my quick experiment I came up with a couple of ideas that I don’t think I would have done otherwise or at least not as quickly. The book Accidental Genius expands on the technique injecting variations of the technique which I haven’t tried yet.

Will Free Writing Work for you?

Give it a go and let me know how you get on.