I found out about Toyland a new DVD all about Toy Inventors on The Game Isle Blog. Kim Vandenbroucke, a game inventor, who writes The Game Isle, blogged about how she went to see the screening of the movie and also interviewed the star of the show, Toy Inventor Tim Walsh which you can read about here.

Based on her interview and the trailer I decide to buy the DVD myself. The DVD covers all different toy inventors and inventions from past and present. Think of the classic toy Play Doh and you may be surprised to hear that the couple who invented it and came up with the name (but didn’t actually take it to market) didn’t actually make a penny out of it. They still seem very happy about it, I am not sure I would feel the same. What about Operation, is there anyone who hasn’t played or at least heard of the game Operation, the inventor himself only ever made $500 from his idea (though that was a long time ago) and was promised a job with the toy firm which never came to fruition. There are many more surprising stories of how some of the most well known toys and games came to exist and along side this we see Toy Inventor Tim Walsh developing his toy invention “Crazy Chins” and pitching it to toy companies. You actually get to see him making his pitch, which is fascinating, especially when some of the toy people seem so enthusiastic about his idea and yet their company don’t end up taking the idea on. If you are interested in how toys get from an inventors mind onto the shelf Toyland is definitely worth a watch.

You can find out more about Toyland from the website from http://www.theplaymakers.com/FILMS/ABOUT.html or purchase the DVD from https://www.createspace.com/287161