Peter A Watchel Toy InventorIn this podcast interview Peter A Wachtel , a toy inventor and designer shares his experience of toy invention and design. He offers advice on how to prepare your toy ideas, make prototypes and how to find suitable companies to send your toy invention ideas to. Peter has also recently written a book “KID Toyology: An understanding of Why Toys are, and how they effect us as we grow…”. As well as licensing his ideas independently Peter has recently found out he is a finalist on Everyday Edisons with one of his toy inventions, and has also recently had 2 of his ideas chosen as winners on The ULTIMATE “All-N-ONE” BBQ TOOL: the “Spa-tong-fork-ula!” and The Orange Bag Produce Hamper

At the bottom of this post you can find links mentioned in the podcast as well as links to several articles on toy design and inventing that Peter has written.

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Peter’s Latest Invention

Peter says:

First off, to let you know I have the “Invention Bug”- for which there is no cure… I am inventing each week to try out new things, and ways to make life more fun, as well as solving problems.

I am a big BBQ fan, I recently was BBQing in the backyard, and was amazed that I needed so many tools to cook. I had my spatula, tongs a fork, a knife, and even a bottle opener. There was a different tool for only one function. I thought, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to combine all if these needed tools into one multifunction tool, that I could easily take with me where ever I go- camping, picnics, BBQs, tailgating, the beach, even the kitchen!

I started by taking the most used tools that I used when BBQing, and chopped, cut and broke them apart, and started to make a rough prototype to see if I could get the right combination as well as the best look ad ergonomic feel. After a lot of trial an error, I came up with a success! I tried it out and it worked great! I could flip burgers, steak (which is the pun I used to name it STAKE), chicken, veggies, poke the meat, cut potatoes, pick up corn, and even open my beer! I now use STAKE year round, and even indoors in my kitchen when cooking! “ALL IN ONE” BBQ Tool which transforms from spatula to fork to tongs. Now you can flip burgers, grip chicken legs, and spike hot dogs without breaking a sweat…

Check out my Ultimate BBQ Tool Invention video here: and you can buy it on presale here: for $27.99 – get one for fun!

My other invention – the Mercado Farmer’s Market Bag? It’s half way through presales!  Here’s the video of how I cam up with Mercado:


Buy here:

toy inventions

toy inventions

Wrote Illustrated & Published 2 Books (on sale now)

The Wonderous World of Wonders! A Humorous Collection of Unique Learning Rhymes for Kids!
KID Toyology: An understanding of Why Toys are, and how they effect us as we grow…

Created a few Toys (on sale now)

Guess How I Feel? Game
Cool Chews!
(Peter designed the Car & Butterfly)

Toy articles Peter has published

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