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thum downYou know those people who have a big Eureka moment, one big idea with incredible conviction, well I sometimes wish I was one of them. Instead I have loads of ideas for inventions and character designs and completely crappy focus that gets my head in so much of a muddle I don’t know which one to develop. I might start sketching out drawings for one idea which I think is the best thing since slice bread until something else pops in my head and suddenly that original idea doesn’t seem so quite so interesting any more. Anyone else know this feeling?

I have previously talked about doing the InventRight Course which teaches you about how to license an idea. A few weeks ago I completed a sell sheet for my candy idea that I am pretty happy with, and Stephen Key gave me some good feedback. On his advice I am now looking into filing a US provisional patent application. I previously was unaware I could do this as I am based in the UK so it will be interesting to see how easy (or not) this is. I was a little gutted as I deliberately went with the throw-away candy project as I thought I wouldn’t need to bother with patents for this.

I have been a bit lax and instead of working on the patent application, I have been creating some new self initiated character designs which I have just sent to my character licensing agent for feedback and also spending far too much time on this blog (which I really enjoy). I have however been experimenting a bit more with my candy concept and how I can make the idea work, and my cupboards are now overflowing with a multitude of lollipops and candy if anyone’s hungry. I have bought a couple of books on patenting, one on the UK system “Patents, Registered Designs, Trademarks and Copyright for Dummies” by Co authored by Charlie Ashworth who I follow on Twitter @patentfactory and another on how to file a US patent called Patent Writer. I did file some provisional patents in the UK years ago, and more recently some design registrations but I can’t remember the process very well.

As it is the US system I am going to be using on this occasion, Patent Writer will be my bedtime reading for the next week or so. I have also just invested in some software recommended on the InventRight Course called Patent Wizard, which I will write a review once I have tried it out. I do wonder however why things have to be so complicated, especially just to file a provisional application and I have to admit I am not looking forward to it. Shouldn’t it be intuitive and obvious how to write one? Are patent applications like PCs when they should be like Macs (Mac users will know what I mean)

The main reason for applying for a provisional patent, is to enable me to put patent pending on the sell sheet so I can talk more freely with candy companies.

Wish me luck, and a big dose of focus.

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