Roger Brown inventorIn this podcast I am talking to inventor Roger Brown from, Roger is a successful inventor who has licensed many of his invention ideas including toys, tools, eyeglass products and kitchen utensils. What is amazing about this is that Roger can get his ideas licensed by spending less than $100. Roger gives some great advice to inventors on how to go about licensing their invention ideas without spending a fortune.

Roger has also recently collaborated with Jim DeBetta to create a CD course called Looking to License for $39.95 to teach inventors the best way to go about getting licensing deals for their invention ideas. I have purchased the CDs myself and it’s a good course for anyone who wants to learn about licensing.

You can see examples of some of Rogers inventions in the photographs below and links to the websites which Roger mentions in the podcast can be found at the bottom of this post.

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Super Sleever

Super Sleever Invention

Pizza Shears Sell Sheet

pizza cutter invention sell sheet

Pizza Shears Final Product

pizza shears invention final

Knockout Hockey (left) and Power Pitch (right)

Roger Brown Toy Inventions

Pebble Peeler

Pebble peeler invention

Useful links which Roger mentions in the Podcast – a CD course for any inventor who wants to learn more about licensing their invention ideas – Roger’s website – Edison Nation’s forum for inventors – Another inventor forum – Magazine for inventors – The United Inventors Association (USA)

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