One of my favourite email newsletters that I signed up for a month or so ago is from Yanko Design. They just seem to be able to find incredibly innovative and beautiful product design every time. The surprising thing is if you go to their website it just doesn’t look as good as their email newsletter. What’s with the heavy black texture on the website? The newsletter however is white, simple and lets the product design speak for itself, it’s positively droolsworthy for a design nerd like myself. What I like about many of the designs they feature, is they seem to strip down the basics of what a product needs to do, then rebuild it. This means that often the products look vastly different to others in the same category

Check out some of products from one of the recent newsletters below.

Ceramic Iron

Designer: Mohsen Ahi Andy

yanko design iron

Converting Tableware – Can be a Plate, Cup or Bowl

Designers: Qing Ji & JiaYue Wu

yanko design plate

Rainbow Basin

Designer: Vasil Velchev

Yanko Design Sink