This is the second part of my post about trying to connect with like-minded ideas people/ inventors you can find the first part here where I covered –

  1. Inventor Groups
  2. Meet up
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn

As I mentioned in the previous post, before I started blogging I didn’t know any inventors or aspiring inventors/ideas people like myself. Where are all the other ideas people in Northamptonshire UK anyway (get in touch if you are out there) I guess now with the internet at least you can connect with anyone from around the world.

This second part will cover Facebook and Inventor Forums

5. Facebook

You can connect with me on Facebook on the Ideas Uploaded Fan Page

Facebook Fan pages and groups are another way to connect, I don’t however find these particularly active unlike the LinkedIn groups.

First you will need to sign up with Facebook, and then you can perform a facebook search. You can do this by typing in the search box (as shown below) then clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

facebook search

By putting in the search function words like invent, you can then narrow this down by clicking on the left (as shown below) to choose pages, groups or people. Of course once you join a group you can then look at what other people are in the same group and request to friend them. If you don’t know the person you might want to put in a message to let them know how you found them or why you want to connect with them.

facebook pages

Through writing this post I have also literally just discovered that facebook has a new beta advanced search which I have just tried out, but it is a bit full of adverts. You can see a video below of how to use it.

6. Forums

Quirky forums
Quirky is a sort or Crowdsourced/invention competition website. Even if you don’t intend submitting ideas the quirky community forum is quite a lively one, where some real regulars hang out. . You will find people from all different professions and backgrounds including designers like myself, solicitors and product designers You may also be surprised to hear that there are some professional inventors hanging out there too. As well as the topics about Quirky itself you will find general talk about inventing, IP etc.

It is through Quirky that I have “met” other aspiring inventors, I have chatted with a couple of people on Skype (oh the wonder or Skype, try it if you haven’t already). A few of us may try to collaborate on some ideas in the new year, we will all sign NDAs first.

A few of other forums I have visited but not really participated much are

Inventor spot forum
A fairly busy forum, and the site has some interesting blog postings too

inventor spot form

Edison Nation Forum
On the same site as the TV show about invention is also a inventors forum.

Edison Nation Inventor Forum

Lone Inventor Forums
Not as busy as the other two but worth checking out. The Lone Inventor site also has articles about inventing.

Lone Inventor Forum

Genius Growds Forum
Genius Crowds also have a forum though at the moment it kind of merges with the rest of the site and in general more related to the Genius Crowds website than general inventing, that said, the people who use it are ideas people. I believe the site is undergoing a redesign as its is fairly new and evolving.

Genius Crowds Forum

Toy and Game Invention Forum
A forum purely about inventing toys owned by Mike, an aspiring toy inventor who was kind enough to put me in touch with Tony Ellis who did a Toy inventor interview for me.

Board Game Designers Forum
Another forum for budding game inventors and designers

Board Game Inventors Forum


Through all the methods I have tried so far I would say Twitter, Linked In and Quirky forums have been the best I have found for connecting with likeminded people.

What about you, how have you connected with inventors and ideas people?