Trend Central
I subscribed a while now to an interesting site called Trend Central that keeps an eye on interesting product and service trends in the world. I found it quite amusing that a while ago they showed a product – a coat which folded out into a sleeping bag, which was similar to a scribble I had drawn in one of my idea books about 10 years ago and thought – no that’s a stupid idea. Anyway, the site has some really interesting product trends and ideas and you can subscribe to receive regular emails and who knows what interesting invention ideas it might help stimulate. It’s useful to be able to see what is “hot” in products and services too.

I stumbled across another similar site recently too called Trend Hunter which also has its own trend predictions. As a non paying reader you can’t access all the content but you can access some and sign up for a weekly trend report

The also have a video of their predictions for 2011 which you can see below