Below you can see a video made by an Inventright Student

As I have wanted to learn how to license my invention ideas for a long time now, I thought it was about time I learned a lot more about it. I have been listening to the InventRight Podcasts for quite a few months now and so decided to take the plunge and invest in the InventRight Course on how to license your inventions. My initial impressions so far have been excellent, before committing to the course I arranged a Skype chat with one of the Co founders Andrew Krauss just to see if was for me and he was really helpful so I decided to take the plunge.

I immediately got access to the Inventright member site where I could access past webinars about inventing and licensing and within about half an hour got a call personally from Stephen Key (an inventor who has successfully licensed may ideas) the other Co Founder welcoming me. It is one of the only courses where you get to talk directly to the company founders.

Within a week (and I am in the UK they are in the US) I received my pack containing booklets and CDs/DVDs about their system for getting a product licensed for the least amount of money possible. Contrary to a lot of sites they are firmly in favour of finding out if your product is marketable before spending a fortune on a full patent.

After going through some of the booklets there were a few things I was unsure of so I emailed Stephen and Andrew. I received a reply back quickly with some brief answers and suggestions, telling me to arrange a call with them. I booked a call and again got to speak to one of the founders (they really do answer the phone themselves). Andrew answered all my questions, pointed me to some webinars that would be useful for me and told me to feel free to contact him at the next stage or if I had an further questions.

Although the course may sound a little pricey at $897, how often do you get to speak directly to someone who has been there and done that and can act as your mentor. Usually these courses are overseen by the founders who put people in place to answer questions.

One of the exercises the course suggests is to work on novel ideas for candy/sweets. Doing something like this you don’t need to bother paying out for patent protection and can practice the InventRight steps (including contacting possible companies who might be interested in your ideas) without feeling to precious about your ideas. I decided this would be a good place for me to start. So far I have been to the supermarket to check out some existing sweets and looked online, then begun sketching some ideas and checking to see if they already exist using Google image and product search.

Overall my first impressions of the InventRight course have been excellent and I will be updating you on my progress. My only disappointment and it’s a minor one is the quiet forum, I was hoping there would be more of a buzzing lively place and I would have been interested in connecting with other aspiring inventors. Maybe this is because Andrew and Stephen are so good at answering questions that students don’t find it so necessary.

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A video with Stephen Key InventRight as he shows how to make a simple prototype