de bono how to have creative ideasI am a big sucker for anything that can help me think differently and stimulate new ideas and have read a fair few books on creativity. One such book is “How to have Creative Ideas” by Edward de Bono, one of the most well known creativity experts. How to Have Creative Ideas is a book where de Bono shows a series of creative thinking exercises which are based on random words. The principle behind the technique is that introducing a random word to your brainstorming forces you to think differently to make new connections.

You can use a simple version of the technique simply by choosing any random word, the books contains matrix of random words, but you could just choose an object or item around you. If you have an iPad or iphone the app twiddle will also allow you to find random words.

So  if for example say you were brainstorming for footwear ideas you could pull out a random word of television. You would then need to think how aspects of television could be applied to footwear. Could the footwear contain a mini screen, this could be used to show different graphics or logos, maybe the shoes could have a inbuilt speaker. maybe the top of the shoes could look like a remote control. Ok so maybe none of these ideas are particularly amazing 🙂 but you get the general idea.

How do you generate create ideas to improve your creative thinking?