Interview with Inventor John D Smith Who Says Don’t File a Patent

by Tara

In this podcast interview, John D Smith, a successful inventor and author of the book Don’t File a Patent controversially advises inventors NOT to file a patent. His words are based on his personal experience of the US patent system when trying to get a patent for his Storm Stoppers Invention. His successful  Storm Stoppers Invention is still unpatented even after going through three Office rejections and spending almost $25,000 in re-filing fees to the Patent Office and fees to his former patent attorney.

John advises that inventors should invest their money in their products and customer service rather than patents. As well as sharing his experiences, he also gives valuable advice on how to protect your invention without spending a fortune.

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You can read more about John’s Book on his website Don’t File a Patent

Image below: John’s first invention Clever Covers which he talks about in the podcast

clever covers

Image below: A diagram from the book “Don’t File a Patent” showing the timeline between your invention idea and getting it to market.

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Bob March 22, 2012 at 4:32 am

He has no idea what he’s talking about and he makes some incredibly stupid and dangerous statements, and he call’s himself an inventor. On top of that, he has the gall to put himself in the same category as Ron Popeil, Billy Mays and AJ Khubani. Seriously?!

The definition of an invention is as follows:
An invention is a unique or novel device, method, composition, process or discovery, which he has none. A transistor is an invention, a lightbulb is a invention, Aspirin is an invention, an iPhone is an invention. Substituting a piece of plastic in place of plywood to protect your windows before a storm is NOT an invention.

That’s right, this guys great invention is to put plastic over your window instead of plywood.

It’s no wonder the patent office is overwhelmed. It’s because of “Inventors” like this that real inventors have to wait years for their patents to be granted. With all the “inventors” that think they can put a screw in upside-down or change the color of a fabric and then be awarded a patent I would like to say, “Please think before you file.” You are not only wasting your money, you are wasting the resources of the PTO and slowing the process for real innovation.


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