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There are many, many things wrong with the curiously popular "theory" that the world is flat. One that seems particularly timely right now is the equinox dilemma, given that the September equinox. During an equinox March 20 and September 22-23, the Sun is directly above the equator. If we are on the equator, an upright stick will not have a shadow in the middle of the day. If we are on the equator, an upright stick will not have a shadow in the middle of the day.

To explain the equinox, flat-Earthers invoke a tiny sun that spirals out to an ice wall at the world's edge, but still can't explain phenomena like the rising and setting of the sun. YouTube user Wolfie6020, a globe-Earth proponent, demonstrated this by building a scale model of the flat-Earth-style sun as it would be seen from Sydney on a vernal equinox. As shown in his video, the sun actually a drone carrying a ping-pong ball never dips below the horizon, even at.

Flat-Earthers: How Explain the Equinox ? The autumn equinox is upon us. On Saturday Sept. 22, the sun will shine directly on the Earth’s equator, autumn will officially begin in the northern hemisphere, and the length of day and night will be nearly equal across the. The March Equinox is at 04:30 UTC on Sunday March 20 and is a perfect opportunity to see if the Sun is rising due East and setting to West from any location on Earth and compare this to what we should see according to the Flat Earth model. 25.10.2018 · Re: The flat Earth and the equinox « Reply 10 on: April 10, 2017, 12:52:14 AM » I asked for evidence that all points on earth received 12 hours of sunlight and I got a round earth equation. As in the flat earth model, the sun is moving above a stationary earth, the direction of the sunset of people in US and England have no reason to be parallel or intersecting at a particular point. However, in the sphere case the author of the video draws all the locations on the same meridian, probably because it is easier to draw.

Flat Earth Equinox Explanation If Globetards Had Invented Flat Earth Theory. Close • Posted by. u/styleofzen. 10 minutes ago. Flat Earth Equinox Explanation If Globetards Had Invented Flat Earth Theory. comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up. Sort by. best. best top new controversial old q&a. no comments yet. Be the first to share. 31.12.2008 · Here is a diagram which illustrates the point, I think: This shows the position of The Sun at sunrise and sunset relative to an observer on The Equator during The Equinox when night and day are both 12 hours long in The Flat Earth Model. Today the equinox proves to us the sun travels in a straight line from east to west. With a 48 hour period, the earth will observe the sun rise due east 90 degrees and set due west 270 degrees and the length of day will be 12 hours give or take a few minutes.

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