For a while now I have been planning to create some FREE video tutorials to help inventors on a tight budget build their own website in order to sell and promote the product they have created. The video tutorials and site is finally done though it might still be a bit rough round the edges. You don’t need to sign up or give your email etc to watch the videos.

You can find the videos at

What you will learn in the Free Video Tutorials

The videos are not designery or techie and I have aimed to keep them as simple as possible so you can follow along step by step. In essence you will learn how to set up your own easy to update website without any technical knowledge and you will also learn how to add a simple Paypal button to sell your product.

List of Build a Website Video Tutorials

  • If you don’t already own a domain name or hosting start here
  • Check Domain availability
  • Buying Hosting and a Domain Name

If you already own a domain name start here

  • Buying Hosting if you Already Own your Domain Name
  • Pointing an Existing Domain Name to your New Hosting
  • Add your Domain to your New Web Hosting

Now you have a domain name and hosting continue here

  • Login in to your Web Hosting Control Panel
  • Install WordPress
  • Login to WordPress
  • Create your First Web Page
  • Making your Web URLs Look Better
  • Add an Image to your web page
  • Finding Royalty Free Images
  • Choose a Theme for your Website
  • Download WordPress themes from external site
  • Install External Themes on Your Website
  • Customising your Theme and Navigation Menus
  • Adding things to your Sidebar with Widgets
  • Adding a Contact Form Using a Plugin
  • More about Plugins and Adding Sitemap
  • Keywords and a Plugin for Search Engine Optimsation SEO
  • Adding a Youtube Video to a Web Page
  • Remove Commenting from your Web Pages
  • Templates and Changing your Landing Page

Selling your Product or Service from your Website

  • How to Create a Paypal Button so you can Sell from your Website
  • Add a Paypal Buy Now Button to your Website
  • Centre your Paypal Buy Now Button without Coding
  • Looking at Shopify to Sell Online
  • Creating Navigation Links to External Websites

Making a Banner Image

  • Cropping an Image to Use as a Web Banner
  • Creating a Web Banner in an Image Editing Program

Creating an Optional Blog on Your Website

  • Adding an Optional Blog to your Website
  • Creating Categories for your Blog Posts
  • Comments and Pingbacks on your Blog
  • Approving Comments on your Blog Posts

Backing up Your Website

  • Backing up your WordPress Site