100 dollar startup book On holiday this year I took my usual light 🙂 reading including The $100 Startup – Fire your Boss, Do What you Love and Work Better to Live More – Chris Guillebeau (yes that really is one title).

While not all the startups in the book were started with less than $100 a few were, and the rest were completely on a Shoe String plus they were all quite diverse. For the book, the author interviewed many entrepreneurs, but they weren’t necessarily millionaires, just everyday people who had managed through design or chance to create a business that they now loved and could make a living from. This is surely something that would appeal to most creatives and inventors. Along with his own experiences the author sprinkles key points (crib sheets) amongst the stories. It’s refreshing to have a book that’s not just about making money on the internet.

The stories range from a man who was made redundant and ended up selling surplus mattresses a friend wanted to get rid of, to furniture makers on a ranch switching to horse riding ranch holiday experiences. One of the stories which stood out most or me was of two graphic designers who were a little bored of their jobs. The duo wanted a nice map they could use to plan a route of their vacation, but when they couldn’t find one they decided to create one themselves. Unfortunately (or as it turned out fortunately) the smallest run they could get printed was 50 which cost them $500, a lot of money when you only really want one for yourself. They decided to see if they could sell the rest, which they did and now have made it into a full time business.

If you like inspirational stories plus business books with advice thrown in this is definitely a book you will want to read.

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