John McKee the co inventor of Cosmo Finger GuardJohn McKee – one of the inventors and co-founders of The Original Cosmo Finger Guard dropped me an email and asked if I would be interested in him sharing an update on how they have been getting the word out about their invention. In brief the Cosmo Finger Guard is an invention created to stop Hair Stylists getting cuts on their fingers while working, but you can read their full interview here. Here’s John’s update and marketing tips to help fellow inventors.

Cosmetology Finger Guard Marketing Update

Written by John McKee – Co-Founder/Inventor The Original Cosmo Finger Guard

It has been 8 months since we released our update in your last blog. We thought it would be helpful and useful to others aspiring to become an inventor to share our progress. It has been a long journey and we still have a lot to do.

cosmo finger guard invention for hair stylists

A focus on social networking and surrounding ourselves with industry contacts

We have placed all our focus on social networking and surrounding ourselves with industry contacts from professional hairstylists to salon owners and business executives who focus on the Cosmetology world. It is very time consuming but an absolute must. We use Facebook, Twitter and You Tube almost exclusively and it is a part time job. If you’re going to use these social networks you have to maintain them and keep the content fresh and relevant.


We do promote give-a-ways on Facebook to keep the interactions exciting.


We use Twitter quotes and get permission to post them and re Tweet when Hairstylist Tweet about cutting and slashing their fingers at the salon with shears. We use Twitter alongside hair shows we are not able to attend and use hash tags to interact and get noticed and gain followers.  We do the same with popular TV Shows like SharkTank and Tabatha Takes Over. Although the TV show SharkTank is not our direct audience; Tabatha takes Over is. We do fall into the inventing category and we are always keeping our eye open for an investor to help us move to the next level.


We even made a video out of consolidated tweets and it is amazing.


All these things are FREE. You cannot beat it if you’re willing to put the time in. It truly has been worth it. Consistency has been the key.

Next level to increase inventory

The next level for us is to increase our inventory with larger quantities which give us a better margin and add retail packaging and UPC codes for major beauty supply retailers. Today we still strictly sell directly to the consumer via our web site.

Keywords drive targetted traffic to the website

We have been fortunate to have a great web design team that knows SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We home in on keywords for search engines like Google because we want to rank high on terms like our name: Cosmo Finger Guard or terms such as cut resistant Cosmetology glove, finger cut protection, etc. Today we rank at the top. Of course we are the only available option today for Cosmetologists to help prevent finger cuts.

Partnering with industry related businesses

I mentioned earlier we also partnered with industry related businesses like and we are featured through them online and they also attend trade shows like the IBS in Las Vegas (International Beauty Show) where they will attend and make rounds showing off the CosmoGlove. This is key exposure for us.

Attending Trade Shows

We did attend our first trade show earlier in the year in Des Moines, IA  called CBI (The Cosmetologists and Barbers of Iowa) which is a regional hair show and we sold about 12 % of the walk through traffic. It showed us that face to face selling for a new product works and it was fairly inexpensive. We highly recommend local shows if you can put into your budget.

Web Sales

Our web sales have more than quadrupled over 2011. We have sold CosmoGloves in just about every state in the U.S. We recently made our first few sales in the United Kingdom.

Magazine Exposure

We were featured in the 2012 May issue of Inventors Digest and interact with just about all online companies in the inventing arena.

Plans for the future

Our plans from here are to remain consistent with our efforts, maintain fresh and relevant content and review all customer comments and feedback for improvements. We are looking for investors and distribution partners to help us grow. We know trying to do everything alone is impossible. We will continue to interact with other inventors and seek their advice and we hope that we may have been of some help to anyone thinking about inventing a new product. Surround yourself with good trustworthy people and bury yourself deep into making sure your idea becomes a reality.

Persistence and absolute dedication it is the key.