sweet shop candy idea

If you have read some of my old blog posts you may know that I tried my hand at licensing a simple fun candy idea with the help of the InventRight Course System if not you can read about it here.

Part 1) Just Started Inventright Course on How to License your Invention Ideas
Part 2) Review of Progress to Learn about Licensing Invention Ideas on the InventRight Course
Part 3) I Suck at Inventing, What About You?
Part 4) Filing a US Provisional Patent Plus Useful Books and Software
Part 5) Part 5 – Signed my First Licensing Agreement for an Idea

Anyway – it’s been a long time, but today in the post I received some samples of the product from the company that’s making them. I still can’t really say much about it as they are not on the market yet. The company have used the name I came up with and now I just have my fingers crossed that their buyers like and stock the product.

How are your inevntion ideas progressing – let me know in the comments below?