Phil Staunton D2M Design to MarketIn this Podcast Phil Staunton, a product designer and Managing Director of D2M Design 2 Market offers his advice on how to develop your idea and get it manufactured. He also offers tips on how to pitch your invention whether to achieve funding or for getting it in front of potential buyers. Through working with many different inventors Phil can also share his experience on the mistakes many new inventors make and hopefully help you avoid them. Find out more about D2M at

Some of the Inventions D2M have worked on

Scoot – Micro Scooter Accessories for Children

Micro Scooter Accessories for Children

Ventz – a vent for allow air up the sleeves of a biker’s jacket so that riding on warm days is more comfortable

Ventz invention for bikers

Thrusters – a mini submarine controlled by a laptop with onboard video camera

Design 2 Market Thruster product development

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