Peter Wachtel is a Toy Inventor and also teaches Toy design to Students in the USA. You can find out more about Peter in the Inventor Interview I did with him a little while ago, but I was really curious to hear about his new project to create a TV Show about Student Toy Inventors.

Check out the video below to see a trailor for the proposed student toy inventors show


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Peter was also kind enough to tell me a bit more about the invention show:

Tara: Please could you tell me a bit about the premise for the TV show about student Toy Inventors?

Peter: Kid/ Students from across the world are given a weekly toy challenge to create a new toy each week. The winner gets a chance to have their toy distributed across the world! Host(s) travel around the country in search of the coolest Toys and Toy Challenges! Contestants win a chance at a licensing deal for their toy, and/ or a $5000 scholarship for students! Contestants don’t get voted off, they simply join the winning teams, and challenges become more difficult each week.

  • Some proposed Show Taglines: It’s TOY-tastic!, We Play, therefore We Are!, Work Hard & Play Hard!
  • “Weekly Toy Challenges” with inventors each week based on a theme. Possible different contestants each week: Students, real inventors, Parents (Mom & Dad) & Kids!Viewers can vote online or text for best toy each week, and Toy giveaways each week to viewers. The Toy challenges/ season are sponsored by a toy company.
  • Extras: Clips on how toys are made/ work: Showing people/ kids designing a toy from idea to the shelves, and the “Toy Wall of Fame”, Pop-Up videos that tell secrets and the History of Toys, and Street interviews/ feedback with kids, parents & toys each week (“Toys on the Street”). Kid & Adult “Toy Play Time” & Toy testing.
  • Sponsors, Judges, Guests & Field trips: Numerous toy companies and toy industry executives, crazy judges,Toy Museums, Toy design programs, toy and child play specialists, inventors and visits to their shops, etc.
  • Specials of the BIG TOY shows: Toy Fair, Gift Show, Licensing show. Show the best toys of Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring, Holiday toys and All-Time Best toys!

Tara: How did you get involved with the project and how did the idea come about?

Peter: When watching TV I see all kinds of reality shows & contests. I thought that toys and kids are “Real Reality” as well as their creativity. I then started developing the idea about a show where kids/ students from around the world would design and invent toys on TV, and partnered with a few of my TV friends…

Tara: What are you hoping to do with the TV pitch?

Peter: We are actively pitching to kids networks, and have about 5 toy companies on board when Wild World of Toys is picked up. We are hoping that a Kids Network would see it and adopt the idea into their programming – There would be great benefits to learning and teaching, as well as a promotional tool for toys.

Tara: How can people get in touch with you if they can help with the project or want to find out more?

Peter: They can contact me directly at

Wild World of Toys - Student Toy Invention Tv Show