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Joseph Donoghue Leardon Solutions Product developementProduct development expert Joseph Donoghue is CEO and Co-Founder of Leardon Solutions. Leardon Solutions is a company that helps start-ups and small companies to turn their ideas into products.

In this podcast Joseph offers advice on many aspects of developing a product including explaining the difference between a proof of concept prototype and a design prototype. He also talks about the process between prototype and going into manufacture and how to avoid the costly mistake that some novice inventors make where they end up with a house full of product that they are unlikely to sell.

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Some of the inventions Joseph Donoghue and Leardon Solutions have helped develop

  • is a snowboarding attachment to help attach your boot to a special snowboard binding.  The company Bomber Industries is located in Silverthorne, Colorado, US
  • The cyclemower is a push lawmower that utilizes an innovative two stage gear system that allows the blade to get up to the same speeds as a gas mower.  Thsi company is located in San Diego, CA.
    CycleMower inventions
  • The EcoLeeser rockfish release device helps fisherman return rockfish suffering from barotrauma back to a depth where they can most practically survive.  This company is located in San Diego, CA, USA.
    Ecoleeser fish invention
  • This horse massager from a company in San Diego, CA, US, makes warm up and cool down massages to horses much more practical and inexpensive.
    Equus Athletics Horse Massager Invention
  • The Hugx pet down is an innovative design from an inventor in Londonderry, UK.
  • The Floe product is a winter drain down system invented by an inventor in Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK who has been written about in the BBC news ( and has won the Practical Caravan product of the Year.
  •  Roll Mole is an innovative tape dispenser from an inventor in Belfast, UK.
    Rollmole tape dispenser invention
  •  Sturman BG, located in Woodland Park, Colorado, US makes taps for beer homebrewers and microbreweries. The tap attaches to a 1.5 gallon bottle that can be filled with your beer of choice and kept fresh in the refrigerator for many months on carbon dioxide.

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