tear up agreement

Today I received a standard subscriber email from the UIAUK United Innovation Association UK, an organisation aimed at helping UK innovators and inventors. The email said that the UIAUK would be parting company with the UIAUSA, United Inventors Association in the USA.

Part of the email stated:

“We accepted, in the belief that such a partnership would benefit the members of both organisations. We agreed to use similar logos & names and to share resources whilst in all other respects to remain independent of one another.”

“We entered into the relationship with UIAUSA in good faith. However recent issues arising necessitated that we reconsider our position.”

“After careful consideration we have taken the decision to withdraw from the MOA with immediate effect and to have no further dealings with the UIAUSA.”

Having heard various rumours about the UIAUSA (which many of you may have also heard) including one directly via email from a US inventor (none which I can repeat publicly) I am curious to whether this will lead to further investigation into aspects of the organisation to clear up the issues openly once and for all.