Roger Brown and Jim DeBettaLooking2License is an audio CD course which teaches the novice inventor all the steps needed to license their invention ideas. The course has been created by Jim DeBetta and Roger Brown, both very experienced in the industry of invention and product development. Roger, himself has licensed many of his ideas to companies by spending less that 100 dollars and was kind enough to give me a brief overview of how he does this in the podcast I did with him. The Looking2License licensing course goes more in-depth on Rogers licensing process, with Jim asking the questions that an aspiring inventor wants to know and also injecting some of his own experience.

The course starts with the duo discussing how to get ideas and evaluate them with Roger offering some great advice on starting first with a niche which you are already knowledgeable about. The Looking2License licensing course then goes into how to research the market, how to find suitable companies to pitch your ideas to. Roger explains that patents are not always necessary to license an idea and in fact just because you have an expensive patent for your invention it does not mean it is marketable or will sell. Roger’s licensing process uses an NDA to obtain cost effective protection for his ideas.

Looking2License learn to license your invention ideasThe CDs also cover how to present your ideas to potential licensees in the form of a sell sheet and how to make inexpensive prototypes to double check your idea really will work. From this point the course explains how to approach companies and how to negotiate a deal with interested parties, including potential pitfalls in licensing agreements.

Unlike a book the great thing about an audio course is that you can put the course on your phone or mp3 player and listen while you commute or are at the gym etc.

Alongside the audio course on the CDs are also examples of sample sell sheets and licensing agreements.

I would highly recommend this course to a novice inventor who wants to license their invention idea without spending a fortune in the process. If you are still not sure if the course is for you, check out my podcast with Roger and if you like the sound of Roger’s methods the CDs could be great for you.

The CDs are available from Looking2License for $39.95