Jim DeBetta Inventor CoacjIn this podcast Jim DeBetta from www.jimdebetta.com an inventor coach and entrepreneur, shares some of his knowledge of helping inventors take an idea from a sketch, to a retail ready product. Jim advice includes; the pros and cons of licensing versus manufacturing a product yourself, how to check if there is a market for your product and suggestions for ways an inventor can finance the manufacture of their product.

If you are looking to manufacture and sell your invention idea there is a lot of valuable information included in this podcast.

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Useful links Jim mentions in the podcast

Jim offers several different inventor coaching programmes for inventors who feel they need more advice and one-to-one help with their invention ideas http://www.jimdebetta.com/consulting_inventors

Looking2License Jim DeBetta and inventor Roger Brown’s CD course on how to license your ideas

Jim’s Book – The Business of Inventing

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