earphones for inventor podcast

I am a total sucker for a good podcast and while a lot of designers listen to the radio while working, I listen to a mixture of radio and business type podcasts. As I have recently started to do inventor podcasts for this blog I thought I would share some that I listen to and find inspiring, let me know the ones you like too.

Inventor Podcast

The InventRight Podcast
This was one of my favourite inventor type podcast it’s all about licensing and I listened to it prior to signing up for their course. The podcast is by Stephen Key (successful inventor) and Andrew Krauss who offer their tips on how to license your ideas.

Got Invention Radio
Another invention podcast presented by Inventors Digest which includes interviews with people such as product designers, inventors, patent attorneys etc. I find the advertising on this podcast a little annoying, but if you listen via itunes each interview is split into parts with the ads at the end so at least you can skip them.

The Launch Hour
I have literally just found these podcast, which consist of interviews with both inventors and entrepreneurs. I have been unable to subscribe in Itunes, which is a bit of a pain but you can subscribe to the feed in an RSS reader so you know when new podcast are out.

The Ideas Uploaded Podcast

Well I had to include it didn’t I 🙂 . In these podcast which you can now also also subscribe to on Itunes, I interview some really fascinating people. I talk both to inventors and people who I feel will be of interest to inventors. If you have any suggestions for people I should interview I would love to hear. Coming up soon: an interview with a successful toy inventor and with an expert in getting products to market.

The Do Lectures

A series of podcast lectures with different people including Trevor Baylis, the inventor of the wind up radio.

Business Podcasts

Entrepreneurs Journey

Another of my favourite podcasts about business and entrepreneurship by Yaro Starak. Many of the people interviewed have built up successful online businesses and in these interviews you hear how they have done it. Be warned most of these people are excellent marketeers, give great advice, but then usually have a product to sell at the end, so hide your wallet before you listen.

Blogcast FM

Another of my favourite podcast by Srini Rao and Sid Savara. This podcast is a series of interviews with successful bloggers. Unless you have been hiding on a deserted island you will know the power a blog can have in bringing you traffic, authority in your niche, building a community and hopefully bringing future sales. The bloggers interviewed offer their advice on how they went about building up their successful blogs and how they use it to generate revenue by selling products, services etc.

Behind the Leader

This podcast is presented by Jonathan Fields, a successful entrepreneur and author of the book Career Renegade (great book). In the podcast Jonathan interviews people who have changed careers and launched successful businesses following their passions.


A Podcast founded by Andrew Warner, a successful entrepreneur who now interviews other successful people on his Mixergy podcast.

Creative Podcast

The Accidental Creative

This podcast is targeted at people who have to create on demand such as designers and writers. It aims to help give you tips on staying creative.

What Podcast do you recommend for inventors and entrepreneurs?