Jim Polster InventorIn this interview I am taking to Jim Polster from Longshot Camera Systems who first invented the Polester just for himself to use, after nearly falling off a ladder trying to take photographs of a roof for his job. The Polester is a pole based system which you fit your digital camera, it allows you to take pictures on roofs and hard to reach places. Jim talks about how his invention idea developed, his future plans for the Polester and offers his advice to new inventors.

You can find out more about the Polester at www.longshotcamerasystems.com/ where you can also see a video of the product in use and there is also an online shop

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Some early prototypes of the Polester

polester invention prototypes

Using the Polester

polester invention to photograph roof

The Polester shown with camera connected

Polester product invention

The Polester Kit shown without pole, optional laser guide or the wheels

Polester kit

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