If you have never heard of Kickstarter you should check it out it’s a way of funding Creative projects and of course that includes funding invention projects.

Bernie Graham, PadPivot who has kindly just done a written inventor interview for me, has just proved that Kickstarter really can work to raise funds for a product invention. After only a few days they have far exceeded their PadPivot campaign total of $10,000 and so far have been pledged more than $29,280. Of course this is not just a stroke of luck but great marketing by the inventors and support of Quirky community to where the product idea was initially submitted. The money will be used to fund the production of the PadPivot. People who decide to help fund the invention can choose how much they give and what reward they want. For example if you pledge $25 you will receive a PadPivot when they are ready.

The Padpivot Kickstarter link

With more than 50 days left to go who knows what the final figure will be. If you are interested in supporting the project just go to Kickstarter or padpivot.com. Fingers crossed the product will sell well as they are off to a flying start so far.

If you are looking to fund your invention idea by crowd funding there are lots of sites popping up do this. A few are listed below, as always please do your diligence before submitting.

Crowdfunding Sites


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