Google has a variety of tools freely available to help inventors. The key is to pick good keywords to describe the invention idea you are looking for and search to see if your idea has already been brought to market or if similar products are out there. Ask friends and family what keywords they would use to search for your idea too.

Google image search

Inventors can use google image search to help get a quick visual idea of what products are on the market
google image search

Google product search

Google product search lets you search through thousands of products that are available online. This is another good way to check if your invention is novel and what else is similar in the market.

google product search

Google patent search

I only found out Google also has a patent search feature recently through listening to the Inventright podcast and also inventor Jason Garcia who I interviewed recently mentioned he used it.

google patent search

Google Documents

Don’t forget if you want to keep notes which you can access online and use on any machine Google also has Google documents – this is similar to Microsoft office with a spreadsheet, word processing, drawing and presentation programs which you use via your web browser and store online. You can store your documents privately or share with others if you are collaborating on ideas with someone.

google documents