If you love coming up with invention ideas, but are not sure what materials you could use to make them work, you might find inventables.com really useful. You can do a search for the material property you are looking for or search by category (of what the materials are currently used for). Information is given about how materials could possibly be used and any existing uses. Some of the products are available for sale and you can buy samples of some for just a few dollars which might be ideal for a rough home made invention prototype.

Some of the cool materials which for inventors for prototypes and product development

  • squiggy magnets
  • heat sensitive glass
  • super elastic plastic
  • soft feel paint
  • translucent wood veneer

Materials to stimulate your inventive brain

My immediate thoughts on first seeing inventables was that I might be able to stimulate some creative ideas just by looking through some of the unusual properties of various materials. Unsurprisingly on a little more delving into the site
I found that the inventables team were suggest just that showing examples of creative concepts (one of which which you can see below) where they had come up based around some of the materials.