quirky inventor help

Quirky.com is a way of potentially helping inventors get their product ideas to market, without a lot of time or investment. Lets face it, whether you are a serial inventor, ideas person or just have an idea kicking round in your head in that you have never done anything with, then Quirky could be the answer.

Quirky invites inventors, or anyone with a product idea to submit their product concept (10 dollars per submission) to be voted for and developed by the community. The quirky community will also suggest ways they feel your idea could be improved. The products which get the most votes will then go into a stage or naming and logo design and product development by the quirky team. The contributors to the winning product designs which make it into production will receive a commission on products sold.

The upside of Quirky

  • It’s fun and collaborative
  • You don’t need any cash (except the submission fee) and not much time
  • Your product could potentially get to market quickly
  • You don’t need a patent

The downside of Quirky

  • You don’t own the IP of products created
  • Less potential revenue from you idea than if you took it to market or licensed it yourself
  • At the moment the way ideas are shown, it doesn’t give all ideas equal showing eg. Products on page 10 are less likely to be noticed and voted for than those on page 1 (something I have just tweeted to quirky to tell them today)
  • It could turn into a popularity contest based on web influence rather than best ideas

I have currently submitted 2 of my ideas to see how Quirky works.

The young founder of quirky, who originally developed his own products (his parents remortgaged their house to back him) has an interesting story to tell which you can see in the video below.