volcano game idea 1

volcano game idea 2

In my old sketchbook I had an idea to create a Volcano game where the players have to rescue things from the out of the volcano that explorers have dropped. More recently I worked up the volcano as quick 3d visuals which are shown above.

The concept – Notes taken from my presentation pages

A plastic volcano game which has ledges inside it. On each of the ledges are objects – such as a camera, binoculars, notebook, phone etc (things that a researcher or explorer could have lost). Each of the objects has a loop on it that can be picked up by a hook.

Each player takes a card from the pack which tells them which item they have to rescue from the volcano. The player takes the hook and tries to retrieve the object. Different objects have different points depending how hard they are to retrieve. If the player touches the ledges too hard or by metal on metal contact (hook on ledge) then mini sponge balls are propelled up and out of the volcano.

The player that triggers the volcano to erupt automatically loses and the one with the most points wins the game.

An option would be for the volcano to light up and have glow in the dark sponge balls so the game could be played in the dark. Sound effects when the volcano erupts could be optional too.

Rough sketches from one of my ideas books shown below.

volcano game roughs

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