I have been working on a comic cartoon strip with Constantina Katsari-Muston. We are looking for a name for the Start-up Business, any suggestions please?

business start-up un-lean


An Interview with David Sykes about his Invention the Multitask Joist Hanger

The multitask Joist Hanger was designed to incorporate those who lack the skills and knowledge of Construction, whether it be for DIY use in building Sheds, Bases, Workshops & Decking. The building industry clearly does not like change and very much sits on protectionism and cartels as by rule of thumb.

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My new website to help you get creative ideas – Inspiration Zoo

I have been a little quiet on Idea Uploaded for a while now but I have been working on a new website I hope you might like. It aims to help you get creative new ideas quickly and break away from your normal way of thinking. It’s called Inspiration Zoo – http://inspirationzoo.com/ You simply click [...]

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Learning to Test Business Ideas at a Leicester Start up Weekend

A while ago I posted up about Leicester Startdom (Business Startup) Weekend so I thought I would share my experience of the weekend. It is something which should be of interest to anyone looking to start any sort business including inventors wanting to bring products to market, but who need to know how to test [...]

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UK Nationwide Innovation Competition for Inventors

D2M have recently launched a new, nationwide Innovation competition for inventors, to have the chance of having their idea fully designed, manufactured and retailed at no personal cost. Applications are being taken from April the 1st but we are welcoming people to register their interest now.

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